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We're dishing up delicious gluten-free food with Grandma's old-fashioned touch! You're invited to enjoy our traditional gluten-free recipe collection.

Make GlutenFreeHomemade.com the place you come to find nutritious main dishes made with fresh meats and chicken, and the sauces to put on them.   Soups and stews make satisfying hot and hearty suppers.  Do you need a an idea for breakfast or Meatless Monday?  Check out our eggs and cheese recipes


Discover Everything You Need to Make Nutritious Meals!

Highly nutritious meal suggestions accompany every main dish recipe.  Serve a wholesome bread and a decorative salad, or steaming vegetables, on the side.

You will find cookies, cakes, pies and other desserts suitable for any get-together or celebration.

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Take time to stop and savor the fantastic flavor of fabulous gluten-free comfort foods; those unforgettably tasty dishes and desserts from a bygone era.

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Best Ever Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie!

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Becoming Gluten-free

For those who are gluten intolerant, cooking homemade gluten free food, let alone eating, can be a challenge. Using prepackaged gluten-free mixes are expensive, hard to find and often yield unsatisfactory results, especially for those with Celiac disease.

Let me introduce myself.  I'm Cat McMahon.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics with minors in Nutrition/Food Science and Communications.  Adele Davis, a pioneer in foods and nutrition is one of my heroines.

I have lived gluten-free since 1997.

After years of frustration and pitching recipes that didn't meet my standards for taste, texture and crowd pleasing (we’re talking about everyday folks who can eat “real” food and can’t tell the difference between my cooking and Grandma’s old-fashioned touch), I struck out on my own to create what I was looking for in homemade gluten-free meals.

By combining time tested cooking methods with new techniques for working with gluten-free ingredients, I have developed a traditional recipe collection that’s sure to please. 

Ssssshhhhh!  Don’t tell your friends and family, they’ll never know the difference. 

What they will know is they’re delighting in the most delicious homemade gluten free cooking they've ever had!


I make a living doing what I love, sharing about nutrition, gluten-free foods and recipes online, and I tell you how to learn to make income doing what you love, too!  More about . . . 

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