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Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter, Issue #021 -- Use Antioxidant Benefits to Super Charge Your Gluten-
May 04, 2018

Use Antioxidant Benefits to Super Charge Your Gluten-free Diet

Did you know following a gluten-free diet alone is not enough to heal your glutened gut?

If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy you need to know that following a gluten-free diet is only one of several steps necessary to healing your body.

In her book, Let's Get Well, pioneer nutritionist, Adelle Davis writes, "Research shows that diseases produced by combinations of deficiencies can be corrected when all nutrients are supplied, provided irreparable damage has not been done; and, still better, that these diseases can be prevented." (p. 15)

She makes clear, "Any condition that harms the body or damages, breaks down or causes the death of few or many cells is defined as stress. If the diet is adequate, repair quickly occurs, but when rebuilding fails to keep pace with destruction, illness is produced. Disease results from multiple stresses . . . . Regardless of the forms of stress, the body immediately tries to repair damage done, but it cannot unless all nutrients are generously supplied. The nutritional needs increase tremendously at the very time eating is most difficult; and a diet adequate for a healthy individual becomes markedly inadequate for an ill one." (pp. 22-23)

Furthermore she states, "A symptom of an illness or even a disease itself is often nothing more than the body's reaction to stress." (p. 28)

She then explains in detail the biological reaction of the body to stress (which is a compelling read).


What is important to know from all this science is the body utilizes the immune response, "inflammation", to protect itself from stressors.

In people with Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy, the body recognizes gliadin, a toxic prolamine in the protein structure of gluten found in wheat, rye and barley grains, is recognized by the body as a foreign invader, a potential life threatening stressor.

Since gliadin cannot be digested, the body protects itself utilizing an immune response, "inflammation".

When an immune response spins out of control and begins attacking the very body tissues designed to protect itself from stressors, it becomes known as an autoimmune disease.

To complicate matters, many people with Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy, suffer from other chronic health issues.

The one thing they all have in common is the body's predictable immune response to stress.


Up until the early 20th century, the number one cause of death in humans was infection.

The discovery of Penicillin and other antibiotics has saved countless lives, since.

Mid-20th century to current day, the number one cause of death in humans is degenerative disease, a result of chronic inflammation.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Studies conclude one of the contributing factors to Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy is the ingestion of an "environmental trigger"; in this case, gluten.

If this were the only antagonist, then it seems we can conclude people with gluten related disorders will heal if they eat a gluten-free diet.

However, another "environmental trigger" may play a significant role in preventing the healing.


Oxidative stress, put simply, are free radicals running around inside our bodies wreaking havoc and causing damage.

The body fights back with "inflammation", which leads to pre-mature aging, illness, disease and ultimately death.

What is a Free Radical?

In her article, What is a Free Radical, Dr. Diana Howard explains, "A free radical is an atom or group of atoms (a molecule) that has an unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive."

In order to stabilize itself, the atom or molecule will steal an electron from another atom or molecule, which then, in turn, becomes a new free radical.

This robbing and pillaging of electrons creates a cascading effect of rogue atoms and molecules desperately seeking electrons to stabilize themselves.

Since they have no discretion, they steal electrons from easy and weaker targets.

Dr. Howard states, "In the human body, we have a vast array of molecules that are more susceptible to free radical attacks than others. These include fats, DNA, RNA, cellular membranes, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates . . . . Unfortunately, oxygen is very susceptible to free radical formation, and with aerobic organisms, this can be lethal. Oxygen free radicals . . . results in damage to cell membranes and this can cause premature aging, skin cancer and cell death."

What is an Antioxidant?

Antioxidants are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than they need and readily give up or donate these extra electrons to free radical atoms and molecules.

When you don't have enough antioxidants in your body to neutralize electron stealing free radicals, your body goes into oxidative stress, which triggers the immune system to produce inflammation in order to protect whatever part of your body is under attack from free radicals.

Therefore, unchecked oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation.

Untreated chronic inflammation leads to disease.

Untreated disease leads to death.

The Antioxidant Benefits of Food Choices

One of the most important things people diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy can do, in addition to going on a gluten-free diet, is to deliberately choose to eat high antioxidant foods.

Once you have mastered the basics of cooking and eating gluten-free, kick your diet up a notch by tweaking it to focus on even better health with antioxidant foods.

If you are juggling cooking for a family with multiple allergies or other disorders requiring special diets, grocery shopping can make your eyes glaze over.

That is when you need to take a deep breath, calm down and pull out this "List of Gluten-free Antioxidant Rich Foods".

It lists all the foods and ingredients that are gluten-free, plus rich in antioxidants, enabling you to more easily plan meals and shop at your local markets.

Click here to get the "List of Gluten-free Antioxidant Rich Foods" PDF download


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This publication is designed to provide documentation of the author's experience. The author does not assume responsibility for any mistaken representations, omissions, or errors, nor does the author warrant or represent that the ideas, information, plans, suggestions, or actions contained herein/therein is in all cases accurate, legal or true. All matters of the reader's health require medical supervision. It is the responsibility of the reader, to consult with his/her own physician and legal counselor before implementing any of the enclosed ideas, plans, practices or information. The author specifically disclaims any liability subsequent from the application or use of the information contained herein/therein and the information is not intended to serve or influence related situations. This publication is a work of the author's opinion, experience and point of view.

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