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Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Chicken Soup & Old Wives Tales
May 03, 2016

Chicken Soup & Old Wives Tales

Currently, in the lovely Pacific Northwest (USA), there is a resurgence of a flu and cold epidemic. So, I thought it appropriate to feature the following article from a previous newsletter in hopes those who are ill might find some healing comfort . . .

Old Wives Tales

“They say chicken soup is good for the soul.

That may be, but when the cold and flu season hits with a vengeance, chicken soup sure is good for what ails you!

I’m not talking about the expensive gluten laden, commercial canned kind. It’s the gluten-free homemade concoction that’s good medicine.

You know . . . the kind Gramma used to make.

So, what is it about Chicken Soup that is so healing? Well, it’s many things.

The aromatic steam rising from a hot bowl of Chicken Soup seasoned with thyme loosens phlegm in the throat and lungs.

Thyme is a culinary and medicinal herb with very strong antimicrobial properties. When used in chicken soup or steeped and enjoyed as a tea, it may help prevent secondary infections.

Back to the soup . . . wrap your hands around the hot bowl. Do you feel that tingling sensation? The heat gets your circulation going, your body’s way of revving up to expel the creep and crud that’s keeping you down.

Now, sip the hot liquid and let it slide down. While you’re Mm-mm-ing over the deliciousness, Chicken Soup is working its healing magic.

The compounds in Chicken Soup are a powerful anti-inflammatory, that’s why you find it so soothing. It helps relieve the discomfort of the aches and pains of colds and flu, and soothes sore throats and irritated nasal passages.

As an anti-catarrhal, Chicken Soup helps the body rid itself of all that suffocating congestion by thinning the phlegm and making coughs and sniffles more productive.

When the body is manufacturing vast amounts of mucous, dehydration is a common outcome, and Chicken Soup is an almost perfect substance for rehydration.

Finally, when a body is sick, it burns up vast amounts of nutrition battling what it considers an imminent crisis; this, at a time when appetites wane.

Chicken Soup so wonderfully fills this gap.

When made right, it is a powerhouse of just the right kind of health building vitamins, minerals and absorbable proteins a body needs to get well . . . and to stay well.

So what is the secret to medicinal (gluten-free) Chicken Soup?

It’s all in the stock and in utilizing proper soup-making techniques . . .

. . . Eat your gluten-free homemade Chicken Soup and cruise through flu and cold season like it never happened!”

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