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Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter, Issue #020 -- The Shocking Dangers of Microwave Ovens!
April 12, 2018

The Shocking Dangers of Microwave Ovens!

WARNING! Cooking with a microwave oven can sabotage your efforts to heal your gluten damaged gut and significantly contribute to chronic illness.

Microwave Ovens are a Major Contributor to Household Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Contamination

Microwave radiation is just one of many EMFs flooding typical households in first world, and in some second world countries, causing "silent" damage and "hidden" illness.

The implications are particularly onerous for susceptible members of the human population, including children, elderly, immune impaired individuals and those who are very sensitive to EMFs, and then there are other living things adversely affected as well, members of various biological kingdoms, such as animals, birds, insects and plants.

Most government and industry standards only recognize "Thermal Damage" as harmful to humans when evaluating EMFs; by that standard, microwave ovens and other commonly used EMF emitting devices are deemed safe.

But, are they truly safe?

Myriads of credible scientific studies around the world conclude the EMFs emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices, Wi-Fi routers, cell phone towers, smart meters and microwave ovens cause great biological damage.

Documented proof exists that EMFs disrupt electrical systems and cellular metabolism, and destroys mitochondria and DNA in living things.

In humans, this means the heart, brain, nervous system, reproductive system, cellular metabolism, mitochondrial function and DNA are especially at great risk.

All New Microwave Ovens Leak Radiation

Government and industry standards deem microwave ovens as SAFE, because they claim "thermal damage" is contained.

What they do not require is microwave oven manufacturers to disclose the fact that microwave ovens leak health damaging EMFs thousands of times greater than those emitted by 4G smart phones.

It is ironic that government and industry do recognize that certain EMFs, particularly those from microwave ovens and cell phones, interfere with the electrical system affecting the heart (especially for patients with implanted pacemakers).

This is why medical facilities ban microwave ovens and cell phone usage.

What Microwave Oven Radiation Does to Food

Household microwave ovens cook food by emitting a 2.45 GHz (Gigahertz) frequency with a wavelength about 12 centimeters long, about the diameter of a typical lead pencil.

This frequency causes the water molecules in food to vibrate at a rate of 2.5 billion times per second, turning the water into steam, which heats the food.

While this speedy space-age convenience sounds wonderful, it comes at an exacting cost.

That same microwave radiation rends and deforms the cellular structure and alters the chemical structure of water and foods, destroying vital nutrition and producing disease causing compounds and toxins biological bodies, such as the human body, is not designed to metabolize.

One can only conclude, consuming foods cooked in microwave ovens can be a contributing factor in some misdiagnosed and unresolved digestive disturbances suffered by people who have Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy.

Are We Being "Zapped" to Death?

Foods are biological substances, just like the human body is.

When you stand in front of a microwave oven when it is turned on, then your body is being "zapped", just like the food inside the oven.

While proximity matters in the amount of microwave oven radiation a human body receives, the truth is, no matter where you stand in your kitchen, you cannot escape some exposure to microwave radiation/EMFs when the microwave oven is turned on.

In our home, we used a meter designed to measure a wide range of radio/EMF frequencies and discovered microwave radiation penetrated the kitchen walls behind our microwave oven reaching well into neighboring rooms, through those walls and into tertiary rooms, to a lesser extent.

The blast in these neighboring rooms was shockingly significant; leading us to conclude we were being "zapped" just about anywhere we were located in our single level home when the microwave oven was turned on.

The frightening fact is, getting "zapped" by microwaves and other EMFs has accumulative effects in the body and eventually produces symptoms of "microwave sickness".

These are the very same symptoms found in EMF sensitive people!

Should You Get Rid of Your Microwave Oven?

Only you can decide whether or not getting rid of your microwave oven is in the best interest of your family's health and wellbeing.

To make the best decision possible, consider clicking on the source links below for more information.

If "convenience" is holding you back, there are many small kitchen appliances available to adequately replace your microwave oven, such as convection steam ovens, toaster ovens, programmable pressure cookers, rice cookers, popcorn poppers and slow cookers.

Assess your microwave oven usage and choose the small kitchen appliance(s) that best meet your "convenience" needs.

See: Kitchen Equipment and Tools


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