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Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter, Issue #011 -- Gluten Free Barbecue
July 26, 2017

Gluten Free Barbecue

Dear Friends,

There's nothing like a gluten free barbecue to bring loving family and friends together to celebrate their special bond and bright summer days--see the menu below!

When creating a gluten free barbecue menu, feature in-season fruits and vegetables.

Perhaps make one or two of these a basic food theme, such as cherries and fresh garden vegetables.

Use cherry inspired cards when you send out invitations.

To get everyone in the spirit, ask your guests to wear something cherry red.

Instead of doing all the cooking yourself, suggest a potluck affair with a cherry theme and include a cherry inspired recipe inside each invitation to round out your gluten free barbecue menu.

In order to make party day quick and easy, cook and prepare every menu item possible a few days before the event, and then chill or freeze them.

When party day arrives, simply thaw and/or heat up foods and set them out; for example, the potatoes for Garden Potato Salad, Garden Vegetable Soup, Quick Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs, Gluten Free BBQ Sauce--Texas Style, Cherry Muffins, Chocolate Cherry Cake and Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookies.

Make your gathering an enjoyable outdoor party by carrying your food theme through with party decorations and activities.

Use a cherry inspired print fabric for tablecloths and napkins, and set the picnic table with cherry red tableware.

String up cherry blossom patio lights and make a cherry filled center piece.

Search online for cherry themed crafts and games for every one of every age to enjoy.

Guests love being involved.

As they arrive, put them to work helping with easy last minute preparations, such as arranging a crudité platter, making punch, putting bottled beverages on ice, setting the table and putting up decorations, and carrying finished dishes ready to serve to the table.

Dust off your old fashioned ice cream maker and give everyone a turn at the crank to churn Homemade Cherry Nut Ice Cream.

Make up a batch of gluten free sugar cookies cut into cherry shapes and some cherry flavored cookie icing.

Set out some gluten-free cherry red cookie decorations and let guests decorate their own cookies.

Since food, family and friends go together so well, serve your gluten free barbecue menu in leisurely courses, so everyone has a chance to visit and enjoy themselves through late afternoon and into evening.

The menu below allows for service of four courses followed by a time to wind down and relax.

As twilight approaches, enjoy dessert beverages while sitting around a fire pit or lounging before a lovely illuminated water feature.

Gluten Free Barbecue Menu

Fresh Cherries Crudité Platter with Dill Dip

Garden Vegetable Soup
Cherry Muffins
Cherry Jam & Softened Butter

Cherry Lemonade
Cherry Punch
Black Cherry Iced Tea
Reverend Nat’s Sacrilege Sour Cherry Cider

Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs
Barbecue Chicken & BBQ Sauce--Texas Style

Garden Potato Salad

Chocolate Cherry Cake & Cherry Nut Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookies
Homemade Cherry Milkshakes
Chocolate Covered Cherries

Cherry Wine
Homemade Cherry Soda

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Happy noshing,
Cat McMahon

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