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Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter, Issue #013 -- Kitchen Knife Safety
September 21, 2017

Kitchen Knife Safety

Dear Friends,

The importance of kitchen knife safety cannot be emphasized enough!

Don't let what happened to me, happen to you!

As I was preparing a busy weeknight meal, I reached for a jar opener stored at the back of my kitchen knife drawer and one of my recently sharpened knifes (razor sharp) was stored cutting edge up, slashing my left ring finger to the bone.

Fortunately, it was a straight-edged knife, not a serrated-edge knife, so the wound was cleanly cut and not terribly mangled.

My kitchen knife drawer

For decades, I have stored my kitchen knives willy-nilly in a shallow drawer located in a central workspace in my kitchen, a sort of "grab and go" convenience to speed meal preparation.

This was the first time I had ever sustained a wound in such a way and it was a dire injury, cutting a major vein in my finger.

Serious measures were required to staunch the proliferous bleeding--lots and lots of sterile gauze, pressure applied to the wound while holding it well above my heart and resting while sitting up to slow my heart rate.

The nearest immediate care medical facility was an hour away from our cabin in the woods.

Several butterfly closures (instead of stitches), prescription antibiotic ointment and pain pills, later; I was out for the count for the first three days, sick from shock.

Furthermore, the impact of such a wound made daily life in our busy household difficult, burdening other family members with some of my heavier chores for several weeks.

Not to mention, it set back my online business plans during that time as I could not manage the keyboard on my laptop computer without risking further injury to my wounded finger.

Kitchen Knife Safety Storage Solutions

Store your kitchen knives properly and safely!

Choose the solution that best meets personal culinary style and kitchen design.

If small children reside in the home, consider storing knives and other sharp kitchen tools out of reach and above counter level, perhaps in a locked cabinet or knife safe (out of sight, out of mind).

360 Knife Block WINNER America's Test Kitchen test of universal knife blocks (image courtesy

If you have counter space to spare, make a knife block your first choice in safe kitchen knife storage.

Bamboo Knife Magnet Bar by Messermeister (image courtesy

Where counter top real estate is at a premium, make the most of kitchen walls by using a magnetic knife bar.

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block by Shenzhen Knives (image courtesy

When a kitchen drawer is still the best option in certain kitchen designs, use an in-drawer kitchen block.

Under Cabinet Block White by The Drop Box (image courtesy

Optimize unused space; choose an under-cabinet knife block that complements kitchen interior design.

Camco Knife Safe 43581 (image courtesy

Make the most of compact kitchen space by storing knives in a knife safe specially designed for recreational vehicles (RV); it attaches to the inside of cabinet doors.

Kitchen Knife Safety Best Practices

Just as important as safe knife storage, is knowing and practicing safe knife usage.

Become proficient in knife wielding skills, and then teach them to your family members so everyone can be safe in the kitchen.

For your convenience, below are referenced the best resources available online.

Careful Cutting: Kitchen Safety Tips PDF download

Learn Basic Knife Safety Skills Video

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Happy noshing,
Cat McMahon

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