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Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter, Issue #022 -- Targeted Nutritional Strategy
June 07, 2018

Transform Your Health with a Targeted Nutritional Strategy

While following a gluten-free diet supercharged with high antioxidant foods, and adopting a gluten-free lifestyle are great starts toward wellness, they are not enough to recover full health.

Consider adding an individualized targeted nutritional strategy to help heal your glutened gut.

One of the hallmarks of Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy is malnutrition, due to long-term defective assimilation.

Dietary deficiencies tremendously increase nutritional needs over and above what is required for daily body repair, making a healthy individual's diet woefully inadequate for an ill person.

Keep in mind a one-size-fits-all targeted nutritional strategy does not work, because the unique genetics of individuals requires customized nutrition.

What You Can Do

Find a medical practitioner specializing in Celiac Disease and organic whole food nutrition therapy, and then request food allergy, nutrition and general health testing.

My practitioner uses a combination of kinesiology (various protocols), blood work, urine samples and hair testing to get a complete nutrition picture in order to establish a baseline for overall health.

When we receive the lab test results, we collaborate on the protocols needed to improve nutrition and health.

Throughout the year, my practitioner monitors my progress and suggests tweaks as needed.

Testing is repeated annually to monitor improvements and to track indicators of disease (which are easily treated, even reversed, in the extremely early stages).

These are changes in health that are indicated before they show up as a result of classic medical laboratory testing, when often irreversible damage of a health issue has occurred, making a full return to health difficult, if at all possible, as those with Celiac Disease are well aware of.

In addition to enjoying a gluten-free diet and adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, implementing a personalized targeted nutritional strategy, plus other non-traditional protocols for residual health issues, has resulted in significant health improvement for myriads of suffers with Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Ataxia or a wheat allergy.

I consider June my health anniversary, so with the help of my medical practitioner, I schedule my annual lab tests and a follow-up appointment to review and tweak my customized targeted nutritional strategy.

Make this month your annual health anniversary.

Schedule to have your lab tests done.

Make a follow-up appointment with your medical practitioner to collaborate about your own targeted nutritional strategy.

Then, implement your personalized targeted nutritional strategy.

By this time next year, you will celebrate a healthier you!


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