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Best Spring Recipes and Menu Ideas

Use our best Spring recipes and menu ideas to inspire good eats for your next meal, dinner party or special celebration! | Best Spring Recipes and Menu Ideas |

Updated November 5, 2018

Use our best Spring recipes and menu ideas to inspire good eats for your next meal, dinner party or special celebration!

If you love all things wonderfully crisp and new, or sparkling dew on a rainbow of heavenly scented blossoms and blooms, then you will delight in this sampling of early season gluten-free fare with your family and friends.

To create your own Spring season menus, get things off to a great start with an enticing appetizer.

Select a delicious main dish; seasonal favorites are always a hit with family and friends.

Add nutritious side dishes; try to work in whole grains, in-season vegetables and fruits.

Choose a fresh beverage to go with your meal.

Top off the occasion with a luscious dessert.

Bring Spring Inside!

Brighten interior decor by creating a table-scape featuring spring motifs in lovely colors.

Serve your meals on themed dinnerware.

Enchant family and guests with the unexpected; illuminate your venue!

For dinner parties, keep the Spring spirit alive; plan unique games.

Spring is all about exploration and discovery.  Entertain children, too.

Peruse our Best Spring Recipes and Menu Ideas!

Click on the text links below to access delicious gluten-free recipes or to plan your own gluten-free Spring season menus using recipe variations; click here to skip down to ==> recipe thumbnails.

Sliced Tomatoes

Spinach Quiche

Iceberg Wedges with Shallot Dressing

Floating Island with Lemon Stirred Custard 

White Wine and Sparkling Lemonade

Chilled Pineapple Chunks

Chicken and Dumplings

Carrot Sticks with Sour Cream Mayonnaise

Strawberry Ice Cream and Sugar Cookies

Milk and Coffee

Deviled Eggs and Sliced Tomatoes

Raspberry Muffins with Butter

Beef Stroganoff

Iceberg Wedges with Creamy Onion Dressing

Raspberry and Vanilla Meringue Cookies

Red Wine and Strawberry Lemonade

Split Pea Soup

French Rolls and Garlic Butter

Cornish Game Hens with Raspberry Sauce

Scalloped Potatoes

Yellow Cake

Milk and Coffee

Carrot Soup

Roast Chicken with Celery Stuffing and Pineapple Orange Sauce

Butter Lettuce and Green Onion Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Milk and Coffee

Italian Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing

Ciabatta with Garlic Butter

Chicken Piccata

Linguine with Italian Cheese Sauce 

Lemon Ice Cream

White Wine and Raspberry Lemonade

Crudité Plate (Carrots, Celery, Baby Corn, Black Olives, Dill Pickles, Sweet Pickles) with Sour Cream Mayonnaise

Chicken Pie

Fudge Brownies and Vanilla Ice Cream

Milk and Coffee

Chicken Fricassee with Chive Dumplings

Potato Salad

Buttered Green Peas with Pearl Onions

Lemon Meringue Pie

Milk and Coffee

Crudité Plate (Carrots, Celery, Baby Corn, Dill Pickles, Black Olives and Scallions) with Sour Cream Mayonnaise with Chopped Chives

Creamed Chicken and Biscuits

Sautéed Summer Squash

Pineapple Meringue Pie

Milk and Coffee

Best Spring Recipes



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Eggs and Cheese Dishes

Meats and Poultry


Sauces and Soups


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