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Beverage and Drink Recipes

Enjoy these quick and easy gluten-free beverage and drink recipes to quench your thirst for something extra special! | Beverage and Drink Recipes |

Enjoy these quick and easy gluten-free beverage and drink recipes to quench your thirst for something extra special!

You can make satisfying, soothing or refreshing drinks using readily available ingredients from your local market, such as cocoa, coffee, fruits, juices, milk, non-dairy milk substitutes, vegetables and tea.

There are as many ways to make beverage and drink recipes as there are to serve them.

Put your imagination to work by using these delicious homemade recipes as a jumping off point to create an exciting new culinary taste in liquid cuisine.

Use these beverage and drink recipes to make your meal or special occasion lively.

Serve them as an appetizer and/or a dessert course at a more formal meal.

Make a casual venue even more enjoyable with a steaming beverage or a refreshing drink.

Appetizer Beverages and Drinks

Appetizer Beverages and Drinks | Beverage and Drink Recipes |

Welcome guests with an inviting appetizer drink and seat them in the living room while you finish up the meal.

For a more formal affair, serve a beverage as a first course appetizer.

Bold flavored fruit and vegetable juices artfully prepared are appropriate for appetizers.

Children love colorful and carbonated appetizer beverages.

Cocktails help adult guests relax and are a good ice-breaker for a room full of acquaintances and a smattering of strangers.

Dessert Beverages and Drinks

Dessert Beverages and Drinks | Beverage and Drink Recipes |

These are the old fashioned family favorites we all know and love, the recipes passed down through generations.

At formal meals, certain beverages and drinks are carefully chosen as an aperitif to accompany a beautifully presented dessert course, such as a cheese and fruit plate or a decorated baked good.

Dessert beverage and drink choices include sweet wines, liqueurs, or cocoa, coffee or tea concoctions.

Remember chasing the chill away on frosty nights with a heartwarming cup of hot spiced cider or mug filled hot cocoa topped with a marshmallow?

What about celebrating the winter holidays with a cup of creamy eggnog or a yummy hot buttered rum?

After a day sweating it out with Dad in the garden on hot summer days, we used to cool off with a milkshake.

When we finished a day helping out Grandpa, Grandma always had a fizzy soda pop ready as we came through the back door.

Flourishing Finishes!

Flourishing Finishes! | Beverage and Drink Recipes |

Decorative touches beyond the ordinary swizzle sticks, straws and paper umbrellas turn ordinary beverages and drinks into festive fare that delight family and friends.

Wet rims of glasses with clear juices and dip into granulated sugar or flavored or colored sugars.

Float spice studded fruit slices, shaped ice cubes or decorative fruit filled ice cube rings on top of cold beverages and drinks.

Make plenty of flavored ice cubes to have on hand, using carbonated beverages, juices or infused waters.

Garnish with hard candy sticks, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, meringue cookies, whipped toppings, fruit slices, fresh herb sprigs or edible blossoms, or sprinkles of tasty spices or crushed candies.

Then, proudly serve your attractive beverages and drinks with a smile and enjoy!

Beverage and Drink Recipes

Easy Eggnog Recipe

Easy Eggnog Recipe--Celebrate with this Easy Eggnog Recipe; it is the classic Christmas beverage that will get your winter holiday celebration off to a great start!

Caribbean Eggnog

Chocolate Eggnog

Creamy Eggnog

Dairy-free Eggnog

Egg-free Eggnog

Eggnog Cocktail

Fruit Eggnog

German Eggnog

Honey Eggnog

Mexican Eggnog

New England Eggnog

Quick Eggnog

Rich Eggnog

Southern Eggnog

Hot Spiced Cider Recipe

Hot Spiced Cider  A steaming cup of this quick and easy Hot Spice Cider recipe will chase the chills away and make you feel deliciously warm and cozy!

Crowd-sized Hot Spiced Cider Recipe

Hot Spiced Blueberry Cider

Hot Spiced Buttered Rum Cider

Hot Spiced Cider Toddy

Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider Punch

Mulled Cider


Irish Cream Liqueur Recipe  Imbibe in this scrumptious Irish Cream Liqueur recipe to celebrate St Patrick's Day and all things Irish.  Quick and easy to make, it is a gluten-free cocktail you will enjoy for any holiday or just because it tastes so good! 

Irish Cream Coffee

Irish Cream Martini

White Irish

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