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Becoming Gluten Free

You find yourself needing to make gluten free foods.  We all have those moments in our lives; those catalysts for great change.  Was becoming gluten free one of yours?

Updated May 9, 2018.

You find yourself needing to make gluten free foods.

We all have those moments in our lives; those catalysts for great change.

Was becoming gluten free one of yours?

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  Dr. Seuss

I come from a long line of great southern cooks.

You know the type.

he ones who throw in a bit of this and that and suddenly they have a delicious cobbler or sweet potato pie.

And this is where I was headed.

I would never have believed you if you had told me that I would one day be making all these old recipes and more sans gluten.

Then, this little guy was born.

Noah has cerebral palsy due to a brain hemorrhage that occurred during delivery.

He has had many challenges in his life as he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months of age.

Among these challenges were food allergies.

And what wouldn't you attempt for this amazing smile?

So, I started exploring with cooking very differently.

A couple years later, our second bundle was born, and it turns out that he, too, is gluten intolerant, so the adventure continued with more and more gluten-free baking.

I tried recipes from cookbooks and ones that I found online, and much of the time we were disappointed.

The boys, and my husband for that matter, were troupers.

As I continued working on it, I found the successes increase and the failures decrease.

I spent a lot of time cooking two types of everything.

I baked brownies my boys could have and brownies for everyone else.

But in the last couple of years, I had a revelation.

Many of the things I was making for the boys were so tasty that I began to wonder why I was working twice as hard to make something different for everyone else, so I stopped.

Becoming Gluten Free with No Apologies

At first I would apologize to others saying, "I hope you don’t mind that this dish is gluten-free", but I realized that I was still causing myself too much trouble.

Friends of mine were responding with things like, “OMGosh! This is gluten-free? It is SO-O-O good!”

And I had another epiphany.

I needed to stop apologizing for making good food.

So, I stopped and life got much easier.

From the moment Noah was born, my life changed.

Fortunately, that change was for the better.

I found I could do much more than I ever thought myself capable--I had more strength than I ever thought possible.

And that leads me to my first cookbook.

My mother and I decided that we should put our favorite comfort food recipes together and offer them to others who need to eat gluten free and want their friends and family to enjoy their foods as well.

We named our cookbook, Gluten-free With No Apologies: Southern-style & comfort food recipes-taste so good you won't have to apologize that they're gluten-free!

About the Guest Author

"Some people see having a special needs child as a burden, but my son, who has cerebral palsy, has changed my life in so many wonderful ways that I cannot list them all. Most of all, he has molded me into the best version of myself, which I am sure he will continue to do. I could sit here and wish that he could do everything else that everyone else could do (and I do wish it sometimes), but he is wonderful. And he makes our entire family better. We take life as it comes, and meet the new challenges as they come. One of those challenges has been devoting much of my time to doing things to help him. Another challenge has been learning to cook in very different ways. Yes, sometimes it can be tough, but it has mostly been fun."

Amelia is a former counselor, wife and mother of three, who lives with family in Georgia, USA.  Visit Amelia at her website, No Apologies Gluten-Free.  She is a prolific writer who is making the world a better place one word at a time.  Check out her other website, Noah’s Army.  You can find Amelia on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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