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Kitchen Equipment and Tools

Kitchen Equipment and Tools

Updated November 26, 2018.

With all the new innovations, kitchen equipment and tools have gone beyond mere function to artful design and fun-filled color, complementing most any kitchen decor.

Find the essentials you need . . . and more!

In the culinary world, cooking is considered a fine art and like any famous artist, award-winning chefs and prize cooks alike know the right things to successfully cook perfect food every time.

Since most kitchen equipment and tools are extremely durable, lasting a lifetime or longer, it is worth spending more to purchase high quality items designed to turn out the best food product results.

Standard sizes are typically indicated on the back of the bottoms of pots, pans and baking dishes, or on the inside rim, inside wall or on the handle of other equipment.

Some recipes indicate the kitchen equipment and tools required for best results.

Substitutions can affect cooking temperature and times, and food product results.

The following list is a guide to the kitchen equipment and tools used to prepare the recipes on this website.

Be sure to bookmark this webpage to return to, time and again, when you are looking for the kitchen equipment and tools you need to cook like a pro!

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Baking

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Baking

baker's half sheet:  or sturdy rimmed baking sheet, 13 x 18 inch, 33 x 46 centimeter and 1 inch, 2.5 centimeters deep

baking dish:  8 inch, 20 centimeter square and 2 inches, 5 centimeters deep, 2 quart, 1.9 liter; also used as a casserole dish

baking dish:  13 x 9 inch, 33 x 23 centimeter and 2 inches, 5.08 centimeters deep, 3 quart, 2.8 liter; also used as an oblong casserole dish

baking stone:  rectangular stoneware, 14 x 16 inch, 36 x 40 centimeter, rated for 500°F, 260°C, Gas Mark 10 or hotter.


bundt pan:  decorative; used for molded foods such as puddings, gelatins and cakes

cake pans:  three 8-inch, 20 centimeter round and 1 1/2 inches, 3.8 centimeters deep

casserole dish:  with lid, 3 quart, 2.8 liter

cookie sheets:  2; also known as rimless baking sheets

custard cups:  4 individual

jelly roll pan:  10 x 15 inch, 25 x 38 centimeter and 1/2 inch, 1.27 centimeters deep

loaf dish:  8 x 4 inch, 20 x 10 centimeter, 1 1/2 quart, 1.4 liter; also used as a loaf casserole dish and a 1 pound, 450 gram loaf pan

loaf pan:  2 pound, 900 gram, 10 x 5 inch, 25 x 13 centimeter

muffin pan:  one standard 12 cup or two standard 6 cup

oven thermometer:  used for checking oven temperature

pie plate:  9 inch, 23 centimeter

pizza pan:  14 inch, 36 centimeter, cast iron, can be used as a griddle on a stove top, in a barbecue grill or over a campfire.

ring mold pan:  plain, for molded foods such as puddings, gelatins and cakes

roasting pan with rack

soufflé dish:  8 inch, 20 centimeter, 2 quart, 1.9 liter, also used as a round straight-sided casserole dish

springform pans:  nesting set of sturdy pans, typically small, medium and large, used for cheesecakes and tortes

tube pan:  with removable center, for Angel food, chiffon and sponge cakes

wire cooling racks:  2, for cooling baked goods and for use as trivets for hot cookware and bakeware; also known as cookie racks

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Beating and Whipping

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Beating and Whipping

electric hand mixer

electric stand mixer

rotary egg beater:  stainless steel

whisk:  stainless steel; also known as wire whip

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Chopping, Cutting and Mashing

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Chopping, Cutting and Mashing

apple core remover

boning knife:  6 inch, 15 centimeter

bread knife:  10 inch, 25 centimeter; also known as saw-tooth knife or serrated-edge knife

carving knife:  also known as meat slicer or slicing knife

chef's knife:  8 or 10 inch, 20 or 25 centimeters; also known as French knife

citrus reamer:  also known as a citrus juicer

cutting board:  large plastic; used for cutting raw meats, poultry and fish; can be used as a carving board

cutting board:  large wooden; used as a pastry board and a food preparation cutting board

electric food processor

food grinder:  hand crank; also known as meat grinder

grapefruit knife

grater/shredder:  stainless steel; used for grating citrus rind, whole spices and shredding foods such as cheeses, fruits and vegetables

ice cream dipper:  also known as ice cream scoop

ice pick

kitchen shears

meat cleaver

meat mallet:  also known as meat hammer

melon ball cutter:  also known as melon baller

nut cracker

paring knife:  3 inch, 7.6 centimeter blade

pizza cutter:  large, two-handed rocker knife used to cut pizza, pastries, and baked goods, and to chop, mince or scoop. 

potato masher

potato ricer

scoops:  set of sturdy stainless steel, small, medium and large; used for cookie making, dipping batter and meatball making

utility knife:  6 inch, 15 centimeter blade

vegetable cleaver

vegetable peeler

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Cooktop and Stove-top Cooking

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Cooktop and Stove-top Cooking

candy thermometer

deep fry basket:  stainless steel

deep fry thermometer

double boiler:  stainless steel with lid

Dutch oven:   enameled cast iron with lid, 4 quart, 3.8 liter and 6 quart, 5.7 liters

griddle:  cast iron, 10 inch, 25 centimeter round

kitchen timer:  with alarm

meat thermometer


range:  kitchen appliance with a cooktop and a built-in oven; can be free-standing or built-in to custom cabinets; also known as a stove

saucepan:  stainless steel with lid, 1 quart, 1 1/2 quart, 2 quart, and 3 quart, or .95 liter, 1.4 liter, 1.9 liter and 2.8 liter sizes

skimmer:  stainless steel; used for lifting food from hot liquids, fats and oils; also known as spider strainer

skillet:  cast iron, 8 inch, 20 centimeters

skillet:  stainless steel with lid, 10 inch, 25 centimeter and 12 inch, 30 centimeter

stock pot with steamer:  stainless steel with lid, 8 quart, 7.6 liter

tea kettle

Kitchen Tools For Clean Up

Kitchen Tools For Clean Up



dish brush

dish drainer

dish towels

dishwashing liquid

scouring pad

vegetable brush

Kitchen Tools For Dipping, Lifting, Stirring and Turning

Kitchen Tools For Dipping, Lifting, Stirring and Turning

basting spoon:  large stainless steel, can also be used as a serving spoon

cookie spatula

dinner fork:  also known as place fork or table fork

dinner knife:  also known as place knife or table knife

dinner spoon:  also known as place spoon, table spoon or tablespoon

ladle:  stainless steel

meat fork:  stainless steel, 2-tined long-handled

offset spatulas:  large and small, for frosting cakes and icing cookies

pancake turner:  stainless steel

pie server:  offset design, stainless steel, sharp edges to make a clean cut, flexible enough to nicely slide under sliced pie and neatly lift a piece out intact; used to serve cakes, pies, pizzas and quiche.

pizza peel:  nonstick, used to unload dough onto a hot baking stone, to rotate foods while baking for even browning and to remove baked goods from hot oven.

sauce ladle: stainless steel

slotted spoon:  large, stainless steel

spatula:  flexible metal

spatula:  heat-proof silicone for scraping out ingredients


tongs:  stainless steel

wooden spoons:  graduated sizes

Kitchen Tools For Draining, Sifting and Straining

Kitchen Tools For Draining, Sifting and Straining

colander:  large stainless steel

food mill:  hand crank

parchment paper:  to catch ingredients falling through mesh screen when measured into a sifter

sifter:  large stainless steel with a fine mesh screen for sifting and aerating flour and other dry ingredients

strainers:  nesting set of sturdy stainless steel, typically very fine, fine and coarse, for straining foods and sieving

Kitchen Tools For Measuring

Kitchen Tools For Measuring

adjustable measuring cup:  used for measuring fats

liquid measuring cups:  set of glass 1 cup, 1 pint and 1 quart sizes, or .25 and .5 and .95 liter sizes

measuring cups:  nesting set of stainless steel graduated dry measuring cups with 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup sizes, or 60, 85, 125 and 250 milliliter sizes

measuring spoons:  nesting set of stainless steel graduated measuring spoons with 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon sizes, or .5, 1.25, 2.5, 5 and 15 milliliter sizes

straight spatula:  used for leveling off, also known as a straight-edged knife

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, Grill-Roasting and Barbecuing

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, Grill-Roasting and Barbecuing

chimney starter:  used for lighting charcoal briquettes for a charcoal grill

fish grill basket

grill:  also known as barbecue grill, charcoal grill or outdoor gas grill

grill brush

grill glove:  heat-resistant, long-armed, also known barbecue glove or mitt, BBQ glove or mitt, cooking glove or mitt, grill mitt, oven glove or mitt

grill grids:  also known as vegetable grids

grill spatula:  long-handled, stainless steel, also known as turner

grill tongs:  long-handled, stainless steel

skewers:  stainless steel or bamboo

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Pastry Making

Kitchen Equipment and Tools For Pastry Making

biscuit cutters:  nesting set made of sturdy stainless steel, also used as cookie and doughnut cutters

cookie cutters:  shaped stainless steel or plastic

egg separator

mixing bowls:  nesting set of sturdy bowls, typically 1 pint, 1 quart, and 2 quart, or .5, .95 and 1.9 liter sizes

pastry board

pastry board cover:  also known as pastry cloth

pastry brushes:  large and small

pastry cutter:  stainless steel, also known as pastry blender or dough blender

pastry tube with tips:  used for decorating cakes, cookies and other pastries; also known as cake or cookie decorating tube, or decorator's tube

pizza roller:  used to roll pizza dough into a pizza pan and for rolling out other kinds of pastry.

rolling pin

rolling pin cover

rubber spatula or scraper:  used for folding and scraping out ingredients

For Safety

Kitchen Equipment and Tools for Safety

kitchen fire extinguisher

Other Appliances

Kitchen Equipment and Tools--Other Appliances

Other Essential Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Equipment and Tools--Other Essential Kitchen Tools

bottle opener

can opener


funnel:  used for filling jars and bottles

jar opener

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