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Wishing all Americans a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!Wishing all Americans a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

Spicy Orange Sauce--A Gluten Free Stir-fry Sensation!

Updated June 24, 2017.

Spicy Orange Sauce

Gluten-free Spicy Orange Sauce makes stir-fries stand up and take notice!  This recipe is a family favorite and a guest pleaser.

Soy sauce and hoisin sauce are among common Asian pantry essentials, key ingredients in ethnic dishes from China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam that pose serious problems for those who are gluten intolerant or have Celiac Disease.

Used for marinating and basting meats as well as adding depth of flavor and color to myriads of sauces, soy and hoisin sauces quickly became a staple in my pantry for other foods.

When I was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, many ingredients I once used to create bright flavored stir-fries and marinades disappeared from my cook’s palette.

Imagine my triumph when I discovered I could substitute soy sauce with Bragg Liquid Aminos, or gluten-free shoyu, without sacrificing mouth-feel and rich flavor.

I was off and running . . . 

. . . until I hit the next Oriental food wall . . . hoisin sauce.

How could I capture the unique piquant taste and jelly-like texture of hoisin sauce in such a way my family and friends would never know I swapped out the real thing for a gluten-free rendition of this basic ingredient?

After years of trying different combinations of what I had on my shelves and in my refrigerator, I decided to give it one more try . . . I never give up!

Yet, after so many years, I’ve forgotten what hoisin sauce really tastes like.  I was working in the dark to create this substitute.

I pulled some left-over apricot jam from my refrigerator, because it had the sticky, jelly-like consistency similar to hoisin sauce, only thicker. 

Jam is always a good base from which to build a new sauce.

While the little chunks of apricot in the jam would make for a lumpy sauce, I didn't think my family would notice when it was added to a stir-fry. Surprisingly, those bits of fruit added bursts of flavor, making my stir-fry delightful.

Whenever I don’t know what else to do when creating a new savory recipe and if it seems like it might be a good idea at the time, I splash on some Bragg Liquid Aminos to kick up the flavor.

So, dashing some on, I stirred it in, adding a touch more just until the mixture came together with the consistency of hoisin sauce.  

Not knowing what else to do to the sauce, I sent up a little prayer and called it good.  Turns out, my hoisin sauce gluten free substitute received raves!

My family had no idea they were enjoying a gluten free sauce.  You know something is great when your family and guests request a redo.

My Spicy Orange Sauce recipe makes a great dipping sauce for chicken fingers, too!

Spicy Orange Sauce

Spicy Orange Sauce

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Time:  15 minutes

Servings:  about 1 cup



  1. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together all the ingredients.
  2. Use as directed in any stir-fry recipe.

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