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Submission Guidelines and Agreement for

Updated April 3, 2017.


Your submission to must be created by you (not copied or borrowed), must be original, non-infringing of copyrights owned by others and relevant for this website.

Furthermore, your submission must be G-rated, adhere to good taste, non-threatening, non-defamatory and non-confidential.

Except the invitation for submissions on any web page on this website specifically permits, requests or states otherwise, your submission should be non-promotional and non-commercial in nature and should not contain commercial telephone numbers, email addresses or commercial website addresses.

Rights reserves the right to edit and/or delete any parts of your submission that violate this agreement, including the right to reject your submission and to ban violators of this agreement from submitting again. also reserves the right to edit, delete and/or add to any submission to improve clarity, to correct grammar, spelling and typos.


By your act of submission, text, photos and images, to, signifies your agreement to the Rights and Guidelines above and grants an exclusive, irrevocable, transferrable, royalty-free license to publish and publicly display your submission on; except photos or images are on a non-exclusive basis.  

You grant the right to pursue violators who infringe copyright by copying your submission.

Additional Guidelines for Personally Invited Guest Authors

Dear Friends, 

Guest posting is a great way to make new friends and to bring your original, high quality story, article, book or product before a new audience.

Acceptable Submissions

In addition to the guidelines below, I welcome submissions of unique (not spun), original, high quality content, from authors with integrity.  


All content is carefully search engine optimized (SEO) to bring in traffic, back-links and to encourage good click through rates.

Part of this SEO includes a minimum word count of 400 words, so search engine spiders have enough information to determine what the article is about, and to crawl and index the content.


It’s important to keep the content single keyword focused with the keyword in the opening headline, in the first 90 characters of the opening paragraph, in one sub-heading in the body, and in the description and tag (meta-data), which should be no longer than 200 characters. 

If you have any keyword suggestions, send to me and I will research their traffic and profitability potential or I will choose from my keyword list, subject to your approval.  

Making a good keyword choice will benefit us both.  I really want this to be successful for us.

Text Format

I accept documents in plain text, Microsoft Word, editable PDF, HTML, and from the text editors Notepad++, and CoffeeCup. If you have another format you would like me to consider, let me know and I will check to see if I can accept it

Images & Photos

Your images and photos are essential content.  The point is they are yours.  So, it is important to watermark your photos with a copyright. 

While I have a "no copy" script to protect content on my website, I can’t make any warranty against nefarious efforts to violate copyright.  

If you wish, I can watermark your images and photos using my photo editing software.  If you choose me to do this, I will need to know what text, font and font color you wish for the watermark.  

Each image and photo file name should also include the keyword and article title so Google Images can index your images and photos.

Submit images and photos no larger than 640 X 480 pixels maximum in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

"Attach" images and photos to your email submission.

Books & Products

Do you have a book you've published or a product you have developed that you wish to feature?  Please submit sales information, an image and include a link for purchase.

About the Guest Author

I need an author bio for your wonderful post.  Include a clear "head-shot" to go with your bio. 

Contact information is important.  Please include a link to your featured website, your other websites, if you have any, and to your social media; other contact information is optional.


Once you have submitted all the elements required and I have the piece put together, I will re-submit it back to you for your final input and approval before publishing.  

Sometimes this collaboration process requires passing the piece between us several times.  We want this done right for both of us.


Upon publishing, I will send you a link to your guest post on my website. Your post will then be broadcasted via RSS feed to my subscribers and through my social media networks.

Be sure check back now and then in case there are comments you wish to respond to.

That's it!

Though the requirements might seem overwhelming at first glance, there is a lot of flexibility built in.  Good, upfront communication helps.

It’s important to me that you are very comfortable with doing this, are relaxed and have fun with it.

Happy Noshing!

Cat McMahon

Cat McMahon

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